March 2017

SSL Points at stake in 2017 at ISCYRA events

The SSL Finals is THE event of the year if you are a Star sailors and not only.

Nassau is THE place to be at the beginning of December, when in Europe (and most of North America) winter is well on its way, in Bahamas the Sun is shining and the trade winds are blowing.

Many heroes in the sailing world, and not just Star sailors, have competed at the SSL Finals and we expect some amazing athletes for 2017. Some of the past VIPs finished with great results, some others not, but no one left the island unsatisfied.

If you are not a sailing legends, don’t have medals hanging on your neck, nor round the globe title or America’s Cup campaigns, there is only one way to get a ticket to the SSL Finals: earn as many points as you can at the ISCYRA regattas all over the World and climb your way up the SSL Ranking.

Some regattas are juicier than others, and here’s a list of the richest events in 2017.

  • Star World Championship 2,500 SSL Points – 01-08.07 Svendborg, Denmark

Northern Europe in summer can be heaven or hell – even both on the same day. Denmark is a lovely country, so green, picturesque and surrounded by water. Racing will be conducted Lunkebugten (Lunke bay) approximately 2-3 nautical miles south-east of Troense (the actual sailing venue) depending on wind direction. Svendborg is practically facing Kiel, the German sailing venue you should probably know more about for its great sailing conditions.

  • Eastern Hemispher 750 SSL Points – 01-04.06 Viareggio, Italy

Toscana is always worth the journey, particularly in June when traditionally the wealthiest families move here for their summer holidays. Viareggio is also one of the Nautical hubs in Italy, where Perini Navi, Benetti, Sanlorenzo and other major boatyards have their headquarters. The sailing area is right outside the marina in front of the never ending beaches, the breeze is normally light with flat waters, classical thermic Mediterranean condition.

  • Western Hemisphere 750 SSL Point – 13-18.06 Cleveland, Ohio USA

The Edgewater Yacht Club is on Lake Erie adjacent to the 117-acre Edgewater Park, at the western end of the 5 mile-long main harbor and is only minutes to the city's most popular points of interest by land or water. Sailing conditions are typical lake conditions, linked to the weather forecast.

  • North America Championship 750 SSL Points – 05-10.09 Marblehead, Massacchusset USA

Eastern Yacht Club is a historic club overlooking Marblehead's breathtaking harbor, everything is very North-East, and you can see the legacy of American noblesse everywhere. It is far north of Boston, close to the witchy city of Salem, it is definitely a top spot to bring wives and girlfriends along. Sailing is in the Atlantic Ocean, expect to wear some cold weather gear…

The South American Championship is in November in Buenos Aires and the European in Saremo in October, they will both be amazing, but unfortunately too late to count for the SSL Finals 2017.

Still, they will give 750 SSL Points each to the winner worth for the Ranking in 2018, so they should be definite entries in your calendar!!

Bacardi Cup was worth 3,000 SSL Points for the first time. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can still win all of the above races laugh

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015