February 2019

Busy weeks at the SSL Training center


With less than 130 days to go to the first ever Star Europeans/ SSL Breeze Grand Slam
Five Starboats used the opportunity to get the winter rust away. Again the session was well mixed from Austrian Olympic veteran Christian Nehammer, Bavarian Star legend Xaver Söllner to 20 year old Starclass newbie Daniel Fritz.
Two mixed teams with Pauksch/Bentele and Graber-Kloiber/Kloiber proved again that anybody can join and improve.
SSL finalist Guido Gallinaro did not miss the chance to use the training to prepare for the upcoming U30 worlds in Miami.
Just after the Stars where packed, already the Dragons were ready to launch.
Gold Cup winning team Sophie Racing once again is choosing the SSL Training center to prepare for their season.
More and more Dragon Teams decide to take advantage of the great facilities. As Grand Gordon and Klaus Diedrich teams proved that it is worse coming here. Both teams finished on the podium at the Dragon worlds in Perth just after they were preparing themselves at the SSL Training center.