March 2019

The Star Sailors League at the Stockholm Boat Show with Nations Gold Cup Swedish Team and the 2020 Lake Grand Slam

It was great to be at the Stockholm Boat Show, the major maritime event of the year for Sweden.

The SSL47, the boat that will be used for the SSL Nations Gold Cup in 2021, was there for everybody to see and it looked very ‘precious’ being all gold, and it looked very  big compared to the little silver Star next to it.

But the Star Sailors League is not about the boat. That’s why we had Xavier Rohart, SSL President and Olympic bronze medalist, who, with Jack Griffin, SSL Commercial Director, and Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Olympic Champion and SSL Sports Director, gave an overview of the SSL Ranking and the SSL Nations Gold Cup.

The event was also a good occasion to present the captain of Team Sweden for the SSL Nations Gold Cup, the Olympic champion and Swedish hero Freddy Lööf!!


A big crowd came to the presentation, and many more will come to the boat show in the next ten days. It is a great showcase for everything the Star Sailors League is doing, with a focus on Sweden, where in 2020 there will be the second SSL Lake Grand Slam.

The SSL Lake Grand Slam 2020 will be held very close to Stockholm, in Saltsjöbaden, in September. Leif Carlsson with his organizing committee are already on the right track to offer an amazing event to over 100 teams from all over the world.

There are so many exciting things happening at the moment in the Star Sailors League world! Stay tuned, much more is coming soon!

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015