January 2019

2019 has started, and there's plenty to do.

One week into 2019 and you are already planning your sailing year, and yes, you should as it is going to be busier than ever.

Let’s start with Star Sailors League, of course. In may there will be for the first time ever a united event with SSL and the International Star Class. The ISCYRA European Championship 2018 will also be the SSL Breeze Grand Slam, and it will be held in Riva del Garda from May 11 to the 19th.  Five days of intense racing on the traditionally very windy shores of the beautiful Italian lake, known all over the world for its great sailing conditions. 2,500 SSL Points and 100,000 $ are up for grab and up to 100 teams will join the starting line on the site of the first SSL Training Center. At the same time the regatta will crown the Star Class European Champions of the year, one of the five Silver events of the Class and among them one of the most prestigious for the high level of its competitors, that will be possibly even higher this year.

Then of course the SSL Finals next December. The dates have already been confirmed and it will be from the 2nd to the 7th in Nassau, Bahamas, where, during this past edition, once again the location proved to be a very reliable one for conditions and support. 25 among the best sailors in the world will try once again to win it, with its 4,000 points, the lion share of the prize pot of 200,000 $ and the great visibility that offers to the sailors with a five days of full live streaming on the internet for free all over the world.

If you are looking to accumulate points in order to be among the top 10 of the SSL Ranking and so access directly to the Star Sailors Finals in December without waiting for an invitation, here you are the main ones. The Star Class Silver Events will give you 1000 points each: The Star Western Hemisphere in San Diego from May 22nd to the 25th; the Eastern Hemisphere Championship in Austria from September 1st to the 7th, the North American Championship in New Jersey from September the 9th to the 14th and the South American Championship next November.

If you are looking for events with higher scores then the main ones are the Star World Championship in Porto Cervo from June 13th to the 23rd with 2,500 points and the Bacardi Cup in Miami from March the 3rd to the 9th with a whole 2,500 SSL Points up for grab.

The first big cash in of SSL Points will be in a little less than a month in Miami at the first Star Junior World Championship in Miami from February the 3rd to the 6th, where 1,625 points will be given to the winners. The only difference being that the skipper will have to be under 30.



2019 will also be the year when the real journey of the SSL Nations Gold Cup will begin, starting in March with the presentation of the first teams and their captains at the new Star Sailors League headquarter in Switzerland and the first trainings onboard the new boats.

For those of you who are interested but haven’t signed up yet, the entries are still open on the website.

Great things are happening in 2019 and it all starts now.

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015