August 2019

Moth and J70 join the SSL Global Ranking

Two more Classes have been added to the SSL Global Ranking. Two classes so different from each other that highlight the meaning of the Star Sailors League Global Ranking: knowing who is the best sailor in the world anytime by just one touch on the SSL App or Website.


The Moth and J70 athletes are in the SSL Ranking from now with all of their events and championships added regularly by the Star Sailors League team.

On top of the single handed flying machine, we have Francesco Bruni (FRA), winner of the European Championship at the beginning of June – but also 2nd at the 2018 Moth Worlds and 13th at the SSL Finals – followed by Benoit Marie (FRA) a specialist of the class, and in third there’s the 2017 SSL Finals winner and three time Moth World Champions, Paul Goodison. Bruni and Goodison are respectively 20th and 37th in the SSL Global Ranking.


In the J70, this week’s podium is occupied by Jud Smith, Bruno Pasquinelli and Jack Franco, all  from the United States. The J70 is a 7 metre sailboat designed by Alan Johnstone and first built in 2012. The boat is built for J Boats by three builders, in the USA, Europe and South America.  Almost 1500 boats have been constructed by now.


If you look at this week Global Ranking you’ll see some changes at the bottom of the top ten skippers: the 470 Matthew Belcher (AUS) and Camille Lecointre (FRA) are in 9th and 10th position after the 2019 470 Worlds have been added to the calculation. Consequently, their crews, William Ryan (AUS) and Aloise Retornaz (FRA), are also in 9th and 10th on the crew SSL Global Ranking. The French athletes are the first women to enter the top 10 of the SSL Ranking.

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015