November 2019

Boat park is getting busy and expectations high at the SSL Finals 2019

Teams are arriving in Nassau for the SSL Finals 2019.
Among them there are more acquainted with the even than others, some have even won it or had a good shot at it. This year, more than other in the past, there are many teams for whom this is the first SSL Finals, like Henrique Haddad from Brazil, freshly crowned Snipe World Champion, the Uruguayn team with skipper Ricardo Fabini, also with a Snipe succesful backgroung, or the Korean Laser sailors Jeemin Ha.
They are all being very humble and modest about their expectations, even five time Star World Champion crew, and title holder, Bruno Prada, but they are highly competitive and skilled sailors who will give their best to make that top ten cut and take their chances at the knock out series on Saturday. We can't wait for racing to start!

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015