December 2020

Australia leads also the December SSL Nations Ranking

Like every 10th of the month the SSL Nations Ranking is out and Australia is still the leader with yet even more margin over the second, United Kingdom, compared to November.

34 points to the Aussie and 104 for the Brits, more than a triple point margin, Australia is proving to be hard to fight!


In third New Zealand, just like in November: the top three nations all have the Union Jack in their flag and were once part of the same empire, one that was built thanks to great navigators of the past.

In fourth and fifth two European countries, The Nederlands and Spain, both also claiming a very long yachting tradition in the old and modern era. France and Brazil, in the top five last month, are now respectively in sixth and ninth positione, while USA, is back in the top 10 sitting in seventh. The States are in, and Italy is out the best 10 nations of the world, it's on the 12th position and if this is not crucial now, it will be important later on to determine the seeding of the SSL Gold Cup.

How are the points for each nations calculated? We sum up the ranking positions - not the points - the best five skippers and two crew occupy on the tenth of the month. The country will the least points is the leader.

Rachele Vitello

SSL Press Officer since 2015