June 2022

SSL Gold Cup Media Coverage is taking off!

Credits: Martini Orsini

Since SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series started on May 17, worldwide audience - digital as well as traditionnal - has never stopped growing yet. Here are some numbers that show the level of engagement of the Sailing community and beyond.

  • Instagram: + 650% from 300 fans before QS to + 2,300 fans
  • Best IG Reel: 13k views
  • Number of articles on digital, newspapers and magazines: + 250
  • TV news Broadcast: 25
  • Number of countries reached so far: 32
  • Live National TV Broadcast: +15 countries

Here are some examples of what SSL Gold Cup media coverage is all about


By the Final Series taking place in Bahrain (October 28 - November 20), our goal is to reach 1,000,000 viewers on our Live on YouTube and national channels to make the SSL Gold Cup a global and major event! Thanks for watching and following us! We have plenty of news coming up soon! 

Emmanuel Versace

SSL Media & Communication Manager